Construction Technology of Cork Flooring
May 24, 2017

Cork floor tiles is favored by consumers because of its special use of performance and personalized decorative effect, especially pure cork floor board with moisture, no deformation, easy maintenance and other advantages is favorited by consumers.But the cork industry of peculiar pavement technology is really worrying about the use of inferior materials, so that the eco friendly cork flooring is not environmentally friendly, random process procedures, so that qualified floor failure. Three points of the floor and seven process, let us understand the pure cork flooring technology, hoping to help the pure cork tiles pavement.

Friendly tips: pure cork flooring pavement depends on what time

First, the flatness of the floor treatment and firmness

1, to the defective original ground to repair

2, to the original ground grinding dust.

3, the original floor must do self-leveling cement.

4, the dry self-leveling cement must be polished dust.

5, the polished self-leveling cement must check the defects and repair processing.

Second, dedicated cork flooring accessories and strict construction process

1. The paving line shall be decided by the laying method and the laying pattern, and shall begin from the center to the sides.

2, glue requires special environmental protection water-based glue, roll coating should be uniform and thinner, the better. Special note: on wet places or geothermal place do not use adhesive, to prevent bubble and glue

3, cork flooring after the end of the pavement, regardless of the gap pavement close, are easy to filth, over time will form a black line, drag the floor when the mop is also easy to penetrate the water (especially the bathroom, kitchen and other wet place)The solution: clean the paved cork flooring and then roll again wear and environmentally friendly dedicated paint of cork flooring.

4,48 hours later, you can give the cork floor to do a protection, a set of cork flooring dedicated protective fluid to greatly increase the wear and tear, greatly extend the service life.

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