Cork, a gift from nature
Apr 15, 2017

The raw material of the cork is the corky skin of the cork oak tree - cork skin. Cork skin after mining stripping will not affect its growth, sustainable use of resources, does not destroy the ecological environment. Cork has a long growth cycle and limited distribution range. Only a few countries such as the Mediterranean coast and China are suitable for its growth. Its yield is strictly limited by natural conditions, and thus it is a kind of treasure resource, known as soft gold.

The cork with honeycomb thin hole cell structure peculiar, cells filled with air.This special cell structure, which has the advantages of light weight, high compressibility, good elasticity, good sealing, thermal insulation, sound isolation, friction coefficient and other excellent physical properties. The chemical properties of cork is also very stable, non-toxic, tasteless, anticorrosive, mothproof, not aging. The acid, alkali, water, soap, oil, organic solvents are very stable , the wind, rain, sun, freezing, various biological and microbiological invasion for decades or even hundreds of years is not bad in nature.

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Lili cork products retained all the characteristics of cork with environmental protection, mute, skid resistance, insulation, moisture resistance, elasticity, damping, sound insulation, insulation, wear-resistant, non flammable, anticorrosion moth, durable, beautiful and elegant, light weight and other characteristics.It can decorate the living room, horizontal, study, indoor stairs,  kitchen and bathroom.Also suitable for public places and commercial establishments, such as kindergartens, nursing homes, library, gym, dance room, music halls, cafes, hotels, upscale clubs, meeting room etc.

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