Jul 16, 2017


CORK ROLLS are obtained from selected cork granules compressed and bound with specially developed binders.

 Rolls Of Cork Features

The quality and substance of  cork board roll, depends on the type of granules used (granulometry and specific weight) as well as, but mainly, the smart binding and strict manufacturing process.

Lili cork, with its vast know-how and experience, controls the manufacturing by electronic pressing and different agglutination techniques, offering different types of rolls of cork flooring, various formulations, for all purposes, in perfect coordination with international rules and market needs.

Cork Rolls Main Uses

Mostly used for underlay purposes improving the impact sound reduction; in the bulletin board industry; giftware industry, etc…

Cork Rolls Range

Initially manufactured on a cylinder shape, they can be sliced afterwards by highly precision equipment in different thicknesses starting from: 0,75 mm up. However, some grades are not available below 1,5mm thickness. For your specific requirement/application, our technical department will provide the necessary guidance.

Cork rolls are manufactured on  different sizes:



Other sizes and customized lengths are also available on request.

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