Cork sheet
May 04, 2017

Cork sheets with pure cork particles and elastic adhesive after mixing, compression, curing, cutting, cutting and other processes. The product has the elasticity and toughness, and has the characteristics of sound absorption, shock absorption, heat insulation, anti static, insect ant not boring, flame retardant and so on. Products are widely used as a variety of machinery, instruments, meters of the liner, military products packaging, power machinery friction brake, the production of handicrafts and a variety of moisture, heat insulation, shock absorption and other requirements of the field.

Cork has a fine, closed cell structure and low density, provides good insulation for heat and sound and is also difficult to set on fire. All of these positive attributes have led to its being very often used as a natural insulating material. Because cork does not absorb liquids or take on dust or dirt, it is hygienic as well.

In architectural model making, cork can be used in the making of topographical stratified models. The thick cork sheet  can be used to make a very nice and simple pinboard.

Cork board sheets can be cut with a blade without any problem, the thinner ones can also be cut with a scissors.

Cork  underlayment sheets are produced in continuous lengths; thickness ranging from as thin as 1/32” to ½” thick. Cork Sheets are used in a wide range of applications dedicated for use by consumers, architects, and industry. . Produced from blocks and cylinders, cork sheets are available in widths up to 72”, in custom cut lengths. Depending on the application, specify cork grain texture of fine to very course; light, medium and heavy density, cut to thickness ranging from 1/32” (.79mm) to 4” (102mm) thick (thickness over ½” supplied in sheets 24” x 36” ). Cork sheets can be cut to continuous strips which are supplied in spools. 

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