Jul 10, 2017


Cork wall tiles are panels made in a number of ways, using richly textured virgin cork bark, natural or agglomerate cork in various shades, or patterned cork in geometrical or random designs, exploring cork’s high capabilities in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation. Cork decoration means, creation and natural comfort. 
Easy to combine within itself and other materials, that the less aesthetic standard, becomes a paradise ambience.

Using cork wall panels as an interior design material allows at the same time harmonious design and a contrast with existing furniture and painted surfaces.
 Due to its waxed or varnished surface, cork board wall are easily cleaned requiring low maintenance.
Cork decorative board are environmentally friendly.

Due to cork natural properties, they offer great advantages such as:
thermal Insulation
sound dampening
Anti-Static and anti-allergenic.
Decorative Cork Wall Tiles are manufactured on standard size:
600mm x 300mm x 4mm 

915mm x 610mm x 4mm 

Other sizes/thicknesses available on request

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