Cork underlayment
May 06, 2017

Cork underlayment as flooring is the abbreviation of the floor mat,  its strength and use are similar to the foam mat, is laying in the wood floor or laminate flooring below for noise, shock absorption, leveling the environmental protection, natural elastic materials.

1, Environmental protection and health

The use of oak bark as raw material, from the natural, recycling without irritating odor, environmental health;Don’t absolutely addition of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the process of making, is a green  eco cork underlayment .


2, Mute / noise / anti-skid:

Excellent anti slip performance and cork sound insulation/absorption  performance when walking on; cork flooring underlayment  can greatly reduce  the noise pollution, noise on the floor of the upper layer can be reduced by 14-16 db.


3, Increase the foot comfort:

The honeycomb structure of cork consists of thousands of dead cells, the cells are filled with air, forming a closed airbag, when the external pressure, the cells will shrink smaller, the cell's air pressure; when the external When the pressure is lost, the intracellular air pressure will restore the cells to the original, to reduce the body foot ankle pressure.


4, Moth:

Cork does not contain any nutrients (starch and sugar), so there will be no borer erosion.

5. Safety:

Soft and elastic, comfortable to stand and walk, good for health, excellent antiskid performance,

Reduces physical damage caused by accidental falls and does not cause stress on the back and legs,

Absorb the impact of falling objects on the ground

6, Moisture resistance:

Due to the high temperature and high pressure, the wood fiber catheter is blocked and the resin is closed,affecting moisture transmission!

7, Good thermal conductivity

Suitable geothermal environments, as compared with similar materials, the best thermal conductivity

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