Cork wall tiles features
Apr 23, 2017

Cork board sound absorption: the decorative surface of the cork wall is like a plurality of sound absorbers, which is opened outwards and has a strong sound absorption function, which is suitable for the acoustic space of the library, the lecture hall, the concert hall, the audio-visual room, etc..

Sound insulation: cork material itself contains a number of sealed air bags, like insulating glass in general, play the role of insulation, suitable for sound insulation wall, popular, recording room, etc..

Personality texture: cork unique pattern texture brings people natural simplicity, or warm and feeling, is ideal for decoration materials, karaoke bar, restaurant, porch, background wall.

Natural environmental protection:decorative cork wall tiles is made of deep processing of natural bark, environmental fashion, let us continue to enjoy a low-carbon life.

Precious rare: cork wall paper raw materials is commonly known as "soft gold", rare and rare, so you decoration program and the room more grade outstanding.Another characteristic of the cork wall itself is not mold, no dust, no shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, does not produce static electricity, is not easy to burn, the wallboard has advantages more than similar products.


Cork wall panels cover all the needs of home improvement, tooling on the market.

Family: TV backdrop, sofa background, bedside background, theme wall, common wall, entrance, study, children's room and so on.

Business places: hotels, guesthouses, offices, companies, apartments, baths and so on.

Leisure club: bar, KTV, beauty salon, restaurant, cinema, audio-visual room, studio, conference room, restaurant, exhibition, booth decoration, high-grade counter, corporate image wall.

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