Apr 21, 2017

Cork floor tiles can be divided into glue down cork flooring and cork floating flooring.

Glue down cork floor tiles is generally divided into three-tier structure, the top layer is wear-resistant water-based coating; the middle is pure hand-polished rare cork layer, the layer for the cork floor color; the bottom is the engineering cork base.

General specification for:600*300*4/5/6/8mm,600*140*4/5/6/8mm,300*300*4/5/6/8mm.


Floating cork flooring  is generally divided into six layers, the top layer is the first layer of wear-resistant water-based coating; the second layer is pure hand-polished cork layer, the layer for the cork floor color; the third layer is an ergonomic Softwood base layer; the fourth layer is 7mm after the HDF (high density MDF); the fifth layer is the lock stitching system; the bottom sixth floor is the secondary environmental engineering cork base.

General specification for:915*305*12mm,915*150*12mm,900*280*12mm.

People generally use glued-down cork tile, suitable for geothermal heating in China, and the service life compared to the floating floor to be long, and can be paved in the kitchen, bathroom.People generally use the cork floating tile in Europe, pavement convenient, casual, and the European way of consumption is closely related, because the Chinese people use the floor for a long time, while Europeans often like to replace the floor.

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