Guide for the purchase of cork wall panels
Apr 26, 2017

1, color

Cork wall tiles is good or bad to see if  the use of more cork. Cork bark is divided into several levels: the most superficial is black, but also the hardest part, under the black skin is white or light yellow material, very soft, is the essence of cork. If the cork board wall is more of a cork, the quality is higher.

2, density

Cork decorative board  density is divided into three levels: 400-450 kg / cubic meter; 450-500 kg / cubic meter; greater than 500 kg / cubic meter. General household use 400-450 kg / m3 enough,If there are heavy objects indoors, can be slightly higher, in short, can choose a small density as far as possible to choose a small wall density, because it has better flexibility, insulation, sound absorption.

3, surface

First see if the sand surface is smooth,whether or not drum particles, cork particles are pure.Whether the length is straight, the method is:Take 4 pieces of the same floor, covered in glass or a flat on the ground, whether or not the commissure.Check the board bending strength,the method is to close the two corners of the cork wall panels,     whether there is a crack in the curved surface,the quality is good if not .Finally, to be bonding strength test,put a small piece of cork floor into the blisters,The sanding smooth surface becomes uneven,which is not qualified products,high quality products should not change significantly in case of boiling water.

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