How to choose cork floor
Apr 18, 2017


First,whether the floor sanding surface is very smooth or not,  whether cork particles are pure or not, which is the first step in the selection of cork floor tiles , but also a very critical step.

Second, whether the edge of the cork floor board is straight or not. Method : take four pieces of the same floor, shop on the glass or more flat on the ground, assembled to see if it is fit.

Third, check the bending strength of the board,close the two diagonal corners of the floor to observe whether the crack surface cracks, no cracks were high quality products.

Fourth, the inspection of the bonding strength.Put a small piece of way into the boiling water to bubble, found that the smooth surface of its sanding into the toad skin, rugged surface, this product is unqualified products, high quality products on the surface of the water should be no significant changes.

Fifth,good cork flooring with moisture, anti-skid, wear, anti-static, sound-absorbing, fire-retardant, thermal insulation, soft and more than a dozen natural advantages, which is environmentally  health floor of the most powerful functional system.

Cork flooring materials is the same with wine or champagne cork material, this material in contact with wine for a long time, still non-toxic harmless, can be eaten, showing its environmental performance is extraordinary, it was evaluated For "the most healthy in the history of the floor".

Sixth, cork flooring is good or bad to see if the use of more cork. Cork bark is divided into several levels: the most surface is the black,also the hardest part. Under the black skin is white or pale yellow material that is very soft and is the essence of cork. If the cork flooring more use the essence of cork, the quality is higher.Because the floor bear  weight and pressure, therefore, the floor backplane using black is also very normal, so you can improve the impact of the ability.

Seventh,density of cork flooring is divided into three-level: 400-450 kg / cubic meter; 450-500 kg / cubic meter; greater than 500 kg / cubic meter. The general family choose 400-450 kg / cubic meters enough, if the room has heavy objects, optional slightly higher,.In short, can choose to use the density of small as small as possible density of the floor, because it has better flexibility, insulation, sound vibration absorption.

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