Natural cork flooring
Jul 04, 2017

The use of cork parquet flooring for lining floors, is without doubt the one that gather the most of alI cork qualities, thus considered one of the utmost noble materials, used for such purpose.
It’s amazingly durable, water, insect and fire resistant, anti-allergenic with superior thermal insulation and sound absorption. Nature cork tiles are exclusively made of cork and a binding agent. 
Natural cork flooring  higher quality consists of various sizes of cork granules compressed together with specially designed binders under high pressure and temperature to warranty that they won’t be damaged by the intensive wear.
Its organic composition also gives a high degree of resiliency, therefore being extensively used in thoroughfares.
Also considered one of the materials with the highest surface temperature, its soft and cosy surface is comfortable, smooth to walk on, especially when barefoot, providing great comfort to both feet and legs. 
It also creates a very quiet space and at the same time provides the appreciated insulation for both cold and warm climates. Having extraordinary thermal and acoustic insulating potentialities, added to its natural and modern look, allows a perfect match with any decorative type of furniture design.
Unlike most recent flooring materials, Natural cork floor tiles can be refinished to look like new whenever needed without damaging it.
Nature cork surface finish:
Natural tiles: Sanded or with natural oil wax, AC/UV varnish (matt or high gloss) and HRF varnish finishing, this product offer great value.
It is specially recommended for bedrooms, residential and low traffic commercial areas.
Pattern tiles: Belly, Carioca, Country, Gringo and Iceberg Grey: offer a stunning colourful and decorative value. 
Recommended for residential and low traffic commercial areas.



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