Natural insulation cork board tiles
Jun 25, 2017

Natural cork tiles is nature own unbeatable insulation material.
cork board sound absorption  is made of cork bonded together through heat with its own resin.

Natural Insulation Corkboard Main Uses
Roof, loft, interior, exterior and flooring insulation (acoustic, thermal & anti vibration).
Also used in cooling chambers, providing energy savings and as thermal pipe insulator, maintaining fluids at specific temperatures.
Natural cork board insulation  resists the action of hydrocarbons and can easily be cut to ensure a clean fitting job with savings in time and money.
Natural cork floor tiles  is chemically inert and highly resilient.
It is not subject to mould growth and its insulating power does not deteriorate with the passing of time.
If this material is fixed, for instance, on the walls or ceiling in the work place, it will not be affected by UV radiation.
Natural insulation corkboard neither conducts electricity nor accumulates static electricity.
Natural insulation corkboard is only slightly inflammable and is rated to class B1 after treatment with fireproofing products. During combustion it does not release either chlorine or cyanide.
Natural insulation corkboard is a bad thermal conductor, therefore a good insulation material.
Natural insulation corkboard has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, high thermal resistance for a low thickness.

Technical Features of Natural Insulation Corkboard:


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