Acoustic Silent Cork
Jun 30, 2017

Using oak skin as raw material, from natural, recycling without stimulating the smell, environmental health.The strength and use of cork underlayment for wood floors is similar to that of foam mats, which is a kind of natural elastic material that is laid on a wooden floor or laminate floor for sound insulation and shock absorption.Suitable for geothermal environment, compared with similar materials, thermal conductivity of the best.



                          - Easy to cut rolls
                          - Easy installation due to high flexibility
                          - Does not require perimeter insulation barrier
                          - Light
                          - Economical and effective solution
                          - Developed to sustain high loads (up to 3000Kg/m2)
                          - Compatible with all types of screed
                          - Low deformation and constant high performance 
                          - Does not degrade
                          - Environmentally friendly 



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