The history of cork
Jun 01, 2017

141995128410051.jpgA doctor in Greece, given to the medical use of cork, cork will be made into hair agent.

A cork was found in ancient Egyptian tombs thousands of years ago.

In ancient Greece,cork was used as a float and sandal for fishing nets.


In 1680, Dom Perignon found that champagne bottles were much better with cork than ordinary wood stoppers.

141995130423151.jpgThis is the most important step in the development of the cork industry.

The great development of the cork industry began in 1875. At that time, an American who's name JOHN SMITH found that cork could be made into synthetic cork products.

141995131215291.jpgSince then, 75% of the softwood rare material is considered to be of no commercial value, made into cork tiles, cork wall tiles, car cylinder pad, black cork, and so on.

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