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Application And Value Of Cork Flooring
May 07, 2017

Cork is taken from our well-known oak bark, one of the raw materials that best creates safety, comfort and inspiration. The raw material of cork products as a renewable, sustainable resources, cork is the perfect combination of economy and ecology. Its unique cell structure gives it unparalleled advantages, its internal rich airbag gives it a great deal of wisdom, can be flexible to deal with external pressure. Hard floor surface will destroy the foot feel and damage the back muscles, this is an indisputable fact. Studies of cork products by the Valencia Biomechanics Institute show that cork flooring has an effective biomechanical performance and can affect the mechanical balance of the human body. Lili cork flooring products itself is soft enough to reduce the impact on the joints and backs during walking, and is stable enough during use to reduce fatigue.

Photo taken with an infrared camera shows that cork has good insulation performance. The foot contact with the state before the ground and a minute after the soles of the foot temperature of the state and found that contact with the cork flooring before and after the foot temperature changes are minimal. Cork, warm nature, and has a unique advantage soundproofing, security, decompression, neutral colors, layered textures, enjoy playing a warm, quiet and comfortable performance. Children's room, the elderly room, study, bedroom, living room, bathroom, in the room of each side, cork flooring and wall to restore life the most true face, with natural and healthy way to show exquisite beauty.

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