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Apr 20, 2017

Cork oak can be used to prevent desertification and is an ideal habitat for many animals and plant species. Cork oak forest provides an ideal living environment for more than 200 species of animals, and there are 135 plants per square meter in the forest, many of which are used in medicine, aroma or cooking. Cork oak is regarded as one of the world's 35 biodiversity hotspots by non-governmental environmental organizations, and its importance is comparable to the Amazon paradise, known as the "green paradise".Cork as the skin of cork oak, the flame retardant can also become a natural barrier to the fire. It can hold the number of rain, become an important watershed, and then absorb nutrients from the depths of the ground, and then through the leaves back to the soil, as a natural fertilizer.For low-carbon society, cork oak also has its own contribution. The world's cork oak can absorb about 14 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. According to the Lisbon Institute of Agriculture, only Portugal's cork oak is about one-third of the Mediterranean cork oak forest, which absorbs 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, this is equivalent to more than 830,000 passengers per year Vehicle emissions.

In fact, the more you understand the more soft wood will lament that economic development and natural ecology can be so harmonized, more and more will be lamented its importance for the ecological environment, more and more lament it is the gift of nature to mankind.

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