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Cork Wall Tiles Into The New Darling Of Fashion Decoration
Apr 25, 2017

Today, cork wall tiles become the new darling of fashionable wall materials. Cork wall tiles itself has a very good plasticity, can be self-processing into a variety of favorite style, shape, graphics, etc., the shape of the beautiful and innovative, making the wall after decoration has a high ornamental and practical, applicable to Nordic style, country style, industrial style, the vast majority of the interior style. In addition, the corky material makes the wall easy to clean. Can be described as simple and stylish.

The case of small-scale use cork wall, mostly in the need for posting the top paper or photographs, notes, play the role itself and display tips, likely to cause a little confusion to the feeling of space. In contrast, a little more or more concise space is more suitable for this small area of cork.

It is noteworthy that, due to the production of cork wall to add a large number of adhesives, and its own large gap, the purchase or to be careful to avoid the sale of formaldehyde release of substandard products.


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