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The Floor And Wall Coverings
Aug 16, 2017



 "I have always regarded cork as an excellent material  and I  have used it in a number of projects designed by  myself.

 Whenever I have used cork the results have been  good, and  it is also an interesting option from the  economic  perspective."

 Jordi Bonet i Armengol, the architect in charge of the construction of the Sagrada  Familia, by Antoni Gaudí


  • easily and rapidly installed;

  • environmentally friendly - made out of natural products, they favour energy saving (insulating capacity, heat retention);

  • healthy - surface finishes do not retain dirt, therefore they do not favour the proliferation of germs and fungi;

  • sound resistant - they reduce the transmission of sound between and inside compartments;

  • they provide natural thermal insulation, as well as a high capacity to retain thermal energy;

  • comfortable - the cork incorporated into them deadens impact and relieves tension;

  • durable and easy to maintain;

  • re-usable or recyclable.

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