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The Green Environmental Protection
May 24, 2017

From the environmental point of view, in general,cork bark is a renewable resource. If you can use this feature to plan the cultivation of trees, cultivation, exploitation of the words, Not only can we reasonably exploit and utilize natural resources on the basis of no burden on the earth environment, but also achieve the dual purposes of natural protection and material supply. Therefore, the cork industry is truly a low carbon economy.In small words cork is a pure natural material, the use of human body does not appear any harm, cork cork bottle used in large areas of the red wine industry is a good evidence.

From the physical and mental health of speaking, the modern decoration more attention to environmental protection and health characteristics, more requirements greatly meet the harmony of human physiology, psychology and environment and people, and the actual function of cork decorative plate has been far more than the traditional wallpaper, paint, PVC board, marble, the decorative effect of typical luxury and rich human. Therefore, it is decorated in the world and opened a rich "green" emotional appeal of wonderful flowers.

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