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Why Isn't The Cork Soft
May 03, 2017

Cork is not soft,it should be said that it is good toughness.The cork will be observed under the microscope, will find thousands of dead cells, like a honeycomb structure,the cell is filled with air,forming a closed air bag.After being subjected to external pressure,the cells contract and become smaller,the intracellular pressure increases,When the pressure is lost,the air pressure in the cell will restore the cell to its original state.This special internal structure,the cork has strong toughness and resilience,When the cork raw material is made of cork flooring,after the pressure treatment, the proportion increased from 70 kg / cubic meter to 550 kg / cubic meter, its stability can be fully meet the requirements of the floor,it can be treated like any wood floors.Even if especially heavy furniture is pressed to form tiny indentation in the above,can also be removed of the original state after the weight.

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